I'm using Gimp 2.2 on a Debian Sid platform. Recently I struggled a lot
in order to make a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet to work. Now at last this seems
OK, but the Gimp, which was my true reason for getting the tablet, no
longer works!

What occurs is the following:

- my PS/2 mouse, the tablet mouse, the stylus, and the eraser, all these
  tools can be used as customary, except in the image window

- in the image, all Gimp tools, used with any device tool, do nothing at
  all, or rather nothing visible, even the selections

- if I click in the one of the scales, the current Gimp tool
  automagically becomes the move tool, and in some cases this freezes
  the whole thing (I have to kill Gimp from a text console)

If I plug out the tablet and restart Gimp, it works again as before, but
I cannot use the tablet, which is too bad.

I checked the behavior of the device tools with other programs. Only
Gimp seems to be affected, but also only it makes a difference between
the various device tools.

By the way, what is the use of the Device Status dialog?


                        Olivier Lecarme

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