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>   Sven> One is the user point of view: a cluttered preferences
>   Sven> dialog makes it very hard to locate the option you are
>   Sven> looking for.
> Is a compromise possible? Looking at how firefox handles this,
> there are menu based preferences, and then there are "customizations" via 
> about:config. about:config is even somewhat searchable/filter-able. If 
> something like this was implemented then gimp could "vouch"/test the menu 
> options, but if you invoke a "customization" then Your Kilometage May Vary.

I wanted to suggest something similar. To not make gimp more configurable just
because there's no space in the user interface seems silly to me. Make the
feature configurable so the user can use gimp the way he/she wants to. If it
clutters up the user interface then stick it in a config file where it won't
bother anyone who doesn't want to change it.

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