On Friday 24 June 2005 10:28, Jon Lapham wrote:
> nuno alexandre wrote:
> > you can use convert from ImageMagick.
> > [snip shell script]
> As I mentioned, I have a perl script (incidently using the
> ImageMagick module) which does exactly what your shell script does.
> I was just curious if/how the Gimp could do it, as I use the Gimp
> for all my image processing except for this one step.

Using Python Scripting it would be a matter of a few lines. The only
drawback is that you'd have to change the script code for each
processing job you need to do in the batch.

I will post here the Python script needed to rotate each image in a
dir by 270 degrees and saving the result with an "R" appended to the

I apologize for the portuguese names inside the code - I had used
 this script as an example ina local forum.

You have to replace the line  "pdb.gimp_image_rotate (...)" for the
actions you need applied to the image (check what is available in the
GIMP Procedure Browser in the  Xtns menu). Offcourse, you also need
gimp-python  installed (it is tehre if you have a "python-fu" menu
entry. Else, it is usually available from Linux distros as a
separate package, or you have to give ./configure an
"--enable-python" option if you compile your own GIMP.


#! /usr/bin/python
from gimpfu import *
import os
def rotacao_em_massa (diretorio):
    for arquivo in os.listdir (diretorio):
        nome = os.path.join (diretorio, arquivo)
        imagem = pdb.gimp_file_load (nome, nome)
        pdb.gimp_image_rotate (imagem, ROTATE_270)
        tmp = arquivo.split(".")
        novo_nome = os.path.join (diretorio, tmp[0] + "R" + tmp[1])
        pdb.gimp_file_sabe (imagem, imagem.layers[0],
                            novo_nome, novo_nome)
        "Rotaciona as imagens em um diretório",
        "rotacao_em_massa (diretorio) -> None",
        "Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris",
        "(k) All rites reversed - reuse whatever you like- JS",
        "<Xtns>/Python-Fu/Rotacionar em Massa",
        [(PF_FILE, "diretorio", "diretorio a transformar",""),

> Thanks, Jon

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