Here one, for you Gimp Guru¹s....

When looking at a gimp file .xcf, and want to print out that file (photo)
I used export.. gimp wanted me to flatten the layers, I did not want to
do that...

however I¹m trying to match as close to the screen the grayscale image
and using export print and the gimp-print drives for epson c84.

Q. does the export (print) feature, change the final image,
or does it not allow any (printer changes? ) under printer option
like: contrast, brightness, gamma...etc. ???

Should I just save the image in .jpg format then print normal?
Anyone ?? (bug? )

Printed out 18 photo¹s, using grayscale (not color) and not black & white,
its like the certain parts are good, and certain parts are still too dark,
lost of detail compare to the grayscale image (photo) on the computer screen.
which is perfect...( made adjustments under printer option... )

My computer display is gamma 1.8
1280 x 1024 ( NEC LCD )

option I used to change the grayscale photo before export printed:

brightness from     .070 - 1.20
contrast            1.00 - 1.30
gamma               1.00 - 2.00

Still compare to the screen image, the photo is off,
from 25 - 40 %

$64.00 question, how to fix it. ( what you see is what you get. )

Thanks -

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