On 6/28/05, Richard Nagle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Here one, for you Gimp Guru¹s....
> When looking at a gimp file .xcf, and want to print out that file (photo)
> I used export.. gimp wanted me to flatten the layers, I did not want to
> do that...

The GIMP's print module will only print the current layer by default. 
When you export, it isn't supposed to change the original image, if
memory serves me right.  I could be wrong there, though.  Why not just
save the file twice, flatten the second, and print it?

It's kind of weird, maybe this is a user-interface improvement that
could be changed. That said, there are alot of GIMP users who probably
would only want to print the current layer, as opposed to the
flattened image (which would be used by consumers).  *shrugs*

I don't think that changing something onscreen (e.g. onscreen gamma
correction in the monitor) changes the way it comes out of the
printer.  Doesn't your printer driver have some sort of gamma
correction system?  (CUPS and Windows drivers have something that
resembles this, but I've never used it.)

Does this help solve your problem?

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