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I'm converting a huge load of sprites from a game into ones suitable for use in another (from Myth II to Doom) and of course this involves a huge amount of repetitive actions- to change the image mode from indexed to RGB, back to indexed but with the Doom palette, and then to go through all the hundreds of seperate frames and manually replace the blue (of hexadecimal reference 0000FF) with another colour (00FFFF). Since it is entirely repetitive, I reckoned batch

I too would like to know how to write batch scripts for gimp. I've used convert before but what I need to do can't be accomplished with that program.

I have read the one page tutorial on batch mode, http://www.gimp.org/tutorials/Basic_Batch/ and have copied and pasted the script and commands and they don't work.

Anyone have a better tutorial that they can point us to?

Thanks in advance!


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