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> Hi,
> > Indeed, these two solutions work, and I used to do it that way in
> > Paint Shop Pro. But they require two tools to get a proportionnal
> > 3/2 (10 x 15 cm) or 4/3 (11 x 15 cm), which is less intuitive and
> > slower. I happen to teach to seniors, and using "rectangular
> > selection" and "crop" tools just to crop an image may appear
> > illogical and too long. I think the lack of these options diminishes
> > the workflow too.
> Why don't you just add the missing functionality to the Crop tool
> then? Or at least spend the time to check the bug-tracker for this
> issue? That might make it apparent to you that we are well aware of
> this problem.
> Sven

Indeed, I had no time to look at the bug-tracker (Bug 156858)! Next time, I'll
do better ! My aswer didn't mean to be agressive, pity yours is to me.
I programmize sometimes (actually a small GPL educationnal program) when I have
to, but I'm certainly not good enough to work on The GIMP. I reported bugs in
Blender, and I try to help as much as I can. But, as I told before, I'll do
better next time... or keep what I want to tell for me.



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