I have a lot of images that need to be scaled. I wanted to write a (batch) 
script for that; I found a sample online of how to write batch-scripts.
I did find in the function-database some image-scaling functions, but they 
confuse me unfortunately.
What I was hoping for was something that would provide in scripting something 
very similar to the GUI dialog: change one dimension and the other dimension 
scales in proportion; and apply interpolation.

Now my confusion is that I do find an image-scale function but that doesn't 
allow for interpolation; I do find a function that allows for interpolation: 
drawable-transform-scale. But that function seems to be about transforming a 
region of an image, not the whole image...

Really, I don't want to become an expert on GIMP scripting! And programming 
scheme? Sorry, I never got the hang of lisp/scheme :-( so there's an extra 
obstacle there to the learning of this...

(If I don't get a reasonably workable and simple answer then I think I'll just 
have to cook up something in Python using PIL and forego the quality 
interpolation that GIMP has when scaling an image -- I'm quite familiar with 
Python; but there's no Python for my win-gimp so I'll have to use scheme for 
GIMP scripting)



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