"Leeuw van der, Tim" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Now my confusion is that I do find an image-scale function but that
> doesn't allow for interpolation; I do find a function that allows
> for interpolation: drawable-transform-scale. But that function seems
> to be about transforming a region of an image, not the whole
> image...

gimp-drawable-transform-scale[-default] scales the full drawable, not
a region of it. I think you misinterpreted the API.

> (If I don't get a reasonably workable and simple answer then I think
> I'll just have to cook up something in Python using PIL and forego
> the quality interpolation that GIMP has when scaling an image -- I'm
> quite familiar with Python; but there's no Python for my win-gimp so
> I'll have to use scheme for GIMP scripting)

The development version of GIMP has Win32 support for gimp-python.

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