On 9/10/05, Leeuw van der, Tim <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have a lot of images that need to be scaled. I wanted to write a (batch) 
> script for that; I found a sample online of how to write batch-scripts.

This will be very confusing, since you're going to have to ensure the
script works perfectly on first run (since practically no useful
debugging (it's very cryptic) exists for Script-Fu, although what it
has is slightly more than e.g. Python-Fu or Perl-Fu).  Notably, you
have to perform a loop on a glob of the images you're going to modify,
and then open each, resize, determine file name (opt), rename(opt,
relies on previous), (re)save.   Unless someone has a better way. :)

This is very painful.  If you didn't understand the above, you may
require a much higher knowledge of the inner workings of GIMP in order
to do what you want; I'd suggest you use ImageMagick instead.  Even I
think that this kind of thing is painful - it took me 12 months to
figure out how my "wrapper" script on multi-image application was
broken because there's no syntax report that tells me exactly what's

Python for Windows works in GIMP 2.3.3 (devel version, no binaries
available), and should be supported in some way, shape, or form in
GIMP 2.4.

In the meantime, you may wish to use Python-Fu (it is a powerful
language) on Linux, if you can spare the time and space.  (However,
please don't ask me for help on that case, since I don't know Python.)
 I understand that it's a major inconvienence, but a dual-boot system
provides me with the resources necessary to do my work because
Python-Fu and Perl-Fu don't currently work on the latest Windows
Stable binary.

I apologize for being unable to give better help, and hope you get to
do what you want to do.  (But just as a note of future reference,
unless you're doing hundreds of images, over and over again with
slightly differing settings or identical settings, it's easier to do
it by hand than to learn the scripting language, AFAIK.  I don't
intend to scare you, but that's my personal opinion on the difficulty
(and power) of the scripting in GIMP.  Not so much unlike Visual
Basic, which maybe was easier for some due to a "intelligent" IDE (if
you can call it that)).

 - Just my two cents
 - No man is an island, and no man is unable.
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