I never actually looked at what PIL could really do for me until tonight, so I 
wasn't aware before that it could do such interpolations... I'm very pleased 
that it does; only snatch is that it does lose the EXIF data on the resized 
image (not sure yet if I mind or not).

I saw the GIMP-Batch examples and it looked rather easy/doable to do this with 
GIMP batch but then when I looked at the GIMP procudures I got rather confused 
about which GIMP function to use for the actual resizing...

I'm almost convinced to just use Python, with either ImageMagick or PIL. I 
wrote 90% of the required Python script already, just need to glue together the 
final pieces.

Thanks all for hearing me and for advice :-)



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Leeuw van der, Tim schreef:
> (If I don't get a reasonably workable and simple answer then I think
> I'll just have to cook up something in Python using PIL and forego
> the quality interpolation that GIMP has when scaling an image -- I'm
> quite familiar with Python; but there's no Python for my win-gimp so
> I'll have to use scheme for GIMP scripting)

Is PIL's interpolation not as good as GIMP's, even when using resize
with BICUBIC or ANTIALIAS? I wasn't ware of that.

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Roel Schroeven

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