one more time:
On Tue, Sep 13, 2005 at 04:02:13PM -0700, Carol Spears wrote:
> i fully admit that i am unable to use the gimp image map plug-in to its
> fullest, however even with my limited skills, it would be easy to get a
> screenshot of the page being rendered correctly and send all IE viewers
> to this demonstration.  this is a web server configuration, last time i
> looked.  if i were not designing this script to run silently without a
> display from a web server, i would be so tempted to make the image map
> page just to show how simple it is to make your pages work properly and
> look correctly in IE.  perhaps this would also work in Netscape3 as well
> as IE5?
> that would be such a larger sample for your least common denominator!
> perhaps you could use your experience and predict if my solution would
> work in IE for me?
i have asked nicely twice and now this is a third time.  you perform for
browsers but not for humans?


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