> I am a new user to gimp and have a question regarding an old picture.


> It is an old picture of my great-grandfather. The quality of the picture is 
> not
> so good and his face is not so clear. Is there any way to make this picture
> better with gimp?

I believe there are a great many ways of accomplishing this; various
filters and settings have interesting effects that you might want to
play around with.  The kinds of improvements necessary would be
helpful.  Finally, you may wish to note that there are also various
other ways of 'correcting' pictures; IIRC, Google's Picasa (for
Windows) had a pretty simple interface if you simply need really basic
photo correction.

> As I am new to the are of image processing I hope that it is not a too simple
> question.

Nonsense; so long as a question is asked politely and with proper
spelling and grammar, there should be almost no such thing as too
simple of a question.

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