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> I am a new user to gimp and have a question regarding an old picture.
> It is an old picture of my great-grandfather. The quality of the picture is 
> not
> so good and his face is not so clear. Is there any way to make this picture
> better with gimp?

for this particular problem, i suggest playing with the levels tool.  i
wrote about the tool here:

i have a question, is the photograph in good condition, just faded with
age?  i ask because repairs can be made with the clone tool can be
invaluable for this sort of repair work.  practice helps to be able to
use it -- select a brush and ctl-click on a similar portion of the image
then use the brush with the clone tool to cover over repairs.  you can
even do this on another layer so that you always have the original
easily within view.  there are other things the clone tool can do, like
cover with different percentages of transparency.  each image needs
different types of repair and there is no set way to fix all images.

be sure to work on a copy and don't be afraid to use the layers.

it sounds like the photograph is in good condition, just faded with age.
the levels tool can be used to make those old color photographs that
acquired the redish cast over time (i think no one knew this would
happen when they first started to take color photographs here in the
united states).  near the upper portion of the levels dialog is a radio
menu that by default works on the Values Levels, but you can opt to work
on Red, Green or Blue (and others) if some color correction is needed.

> As I am new to the are of image processing I hope that it is not a too simple
> question.

this actually is one of the more interesting questions i have seen in a
while.  thank you for asking it.


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