On 10/11/05, Orlando Figueiredo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello
> I am in great need of some detailed instructions to install the dcraw and
> the necessary plugins to open my Canon EOS350D *.cr2 files.
> I am using Fedora 4 and I already made a lot of trials....
> I am going bananas... please give me some details on the instructions

I don't know about Fedora, but I do know some distributions provide
binary packages for dcraw.  I know that Ubuntu (and Debian) provide
packages for dcraw AND ufraw in at least one of their repositries;
when/if you get such as system up, the packages can be installed by
executing the command:
"aptitude install gimp-dcraw"
"aptitude install gimp-ufraw"
(or replace aptitude with apt-get if you so desire) as root or under
su or sudo (latter requires set-up by installing sudo and running
visudo as root and then editing the sudoers file).

Ubuntu also has a graphical package manager, which Fedora migrators may like.

I'm sure Fedora is a great system, when/if it works -- but I have
never successfully used it on one of my systems (particularly due to
obscure hardware -- but that's another story, and not techincally
Fedora's fault).

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