Thanks everybody for your sugestions and posts.
I was abble to install the ufraw plugin using yum...
Now, in the open window of gimp I can chosse the option to open the raw format and it also includes *.cr2 which is the eos350D format. The problem is that when I click to open the image I get a message that says that eos350D is not suppoeted yet.
I went to Dave Coffin's home page <> and I checked the list and the eos350d is there. So I am confused and do not know what the next step is?
Any ideas??
Thanks a lot... I really appreciated the previous help and please keep helping me

2005/10/12, Bruno Postle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
On Wed 12-Oct-2005 at 14:44 +0100, Bruno Postle wrote:

> Dcraw is actually part of Fedora fc4 extras, you should be able to
> get it like so:
>   yum install dcraw
> (Though this doesn't give you any of the raw plugins for the gimp)

For that you need ufraw:

  yum install ufraw

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