On Wed, Oct 26, 2005 at 01:45:45PM -0400, Kaplan, Andrew H. wrote:
> Hi there -- 
> I am running GIMP 2.2 and am trying to capture a section of rather than the
> entire screen. I go to File/Acquire and select Single Window in the Grab
> utility. A cross hairs appears and I select a portion of the screen. 
> However, instead of just that area of the screen being captured, the entire
> screen is captured. What steps or settings do I need to change to correct 
> this?

Single window capture is just that.  You will get a single window.  In
gimp-2.3 there is a select a region of your desktop option.  Since gimp
has never had this option, i have had a difficult time remembering to
try it even (old work habits die hard or something).


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