Ok, I am trying to bring the conversation back on list:
See my answer at the bottom of the message.

> This did not show up on the list. Maybe because of the attachment.
> I am therefore sending it directly to you.
> Gary
> Bruno de Oliveira Schneider wrote:
>> On 10/25/05, Gary Montalbine wrote:
>>>I rececently downloaded photos from my camera as jpg. Gimp 2.3.4 will
>>>not load them. Some earlier ones do load. However gimp seems to be
>>>selective in which jpg file it wants to use.
>>>What am I doing wrong?
>> I never had a problem loading JPGs. Pehaps you have a faulty
>> instalation.
>> Do you get any error messages? Can you make one such file
>> avaliable to us?
> Attached is one that will not open. I downloaded it from my camera
> using Gthumb. It opens in Gthumb and a couple of other viewers.
> Some older jpgs do open. I have no error messages. The cpu goes to
> 100% usage and stays there. The only way I can stop it is to close
> Gimp. I was using version 2.2 when the problem started. I then went
>  to 2.3 thinking it might then load. I am using ML2006 and xorg6.9.
>  I never had a problem with 2005 and xorg 6.8.
> Does Gimp have a plugin I could use to download from the camera?
> Gimp does preview the jpg when I access the file. It just won't load.
> Gary


Your file loads perfectly on my Gimp 2.2.8 on Windows at work. I will try it tonight on my self-compiled gimps at home on Mandriva LE2005.



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