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On 11/16/05, Timo Steuerwald <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi all,

can anyone explain how the automatical white balance works? - I can not
find anything about it in the documentation. It can be found at the menu
in Layers->Colours->Auto->White Balance. I'm not sure if this are
exactly the right words because I use the german version.
How does this feature know which pixel should be white? - I expected
something like the manual white balance in digital cameras: Pointing and
selecting  an area which should be white, the rest of the picture will
be changed accordingly.

Open Levels dialog (Layer- Colour-Levels), click on the right color
picker in its bottom that is in charge for white and then pick a color
that seems to be the whitest one. Changes will apply.

You can also "show" this color levels tool the "blackest" and the
"grayest" dots ;-)

Hey, that's a cool feature! Thanks a lot! I didn't know that up to now, but anyway: How does this automatical white balance work?



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