On Sunday 20 November 2005 05:32 pm, Remus Boara wrote:
> thanks a lot for the answer, very appreciated.
> regarding the selection transforming was actually referring on how
> to edit / modify / adjust a selection?

Once a selection is made it is treated internally as raster data - 
that means it is impossible to, say, increase an elliptical selection 
radius after it is ready (but people are working out a way tot hat 
with rectangular selections).

But all transform tools (move, scale, rotate, perspective, etc...) 
have mmodes to operate on the selection.  Just select one of the 
transform tools, and on the tool options dialog, pick the "work on 
selection" (second icon on the top of the dialog).

With most tools, the "work on selection" mode can also be achieved by 
holding ALT while clicking -  but "ALT + click" is normally used by 
Window Managers, so the combination often  doesn't work.

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