On Mon, Nov 21, 2005 at 12:44:38PM -0800, Robert Kleemann wrote:
> Is it possible to have gimp run a script that located in an arbitrary 
> directory?  It seems that gimp wants to run scripts from 
> ~/.gimp-n.n/[plug-ins|scripts]/
there is an expander twisty for folders.  from there, you can tell gimp
to use "Plug-Ins" from other directories, effectively putting that
directory into gimps path.  this works for python and perl scripts and
your compiled c plug-ins.  the "Scripts" dialog would be the way to show
it to other script-fu containing directories.

> Given this way of using gimp, it would be very handy if I could run gimp 
> in some way so that it would run a specified script that is not located 
> in one of the standard gimp directories.   
my preferences solution alone will not do this.  running "gimp --gimprc
<different gimprc>" combined with setting the preferences differently
there would do what you need, however.  i have not tried all of this
myself, it is just the approach i would take if i needed to do this.

please let us know if this works for what you are trying to do.


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