Hello all.

This is what I'm trying to achieve: I have a topographical chart (curves
that depict the height of a territory) which I want to use as a
heightmap for blender. Blender uses gradient grayscale images to raise
the pixels of a plane according to the "whiteness" of each pixel (i.e.
the white pixel will be raised to the higher level, whereas black pixel
will remain to the bottom. The in-between pixels will be raised
according to their value of white).
With this in mind someone must create a grayscale gradient image out of
the topographical chart.
Could someone suggest a smart way to apply grayscale gradient to the
image according to the height specified by the curves?

My map resembles this one:

And the result I am trying to achieve resembles this one:

The blender effect I want resembles this one:

Thanx in advance!

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