Michael Schumacher wrote:
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Michael Schumacher wrote:

Shouldn't be needed with a recent GTK+ (thus recent version of GIMP
don't include this plug-in). But see yourself, this already shows that
we don't know what went wrong.

I have GTK 2.8.6 installed, and copy/paste from gimp to word still
requires the "copy to clipboard" function.

Yep, at least for Word 2003... strange, used to work in Word 2000, and
works fine in the current versions of Excel and Powerpoint. Maybe a bug
in the Office Clipboard?


Just for the record: Gimp 2.2.9 and GTK 2.8.6 on one machine, GTK 2.8.7 and gimp 2.3.5 on the other. "copy" / paste works on both with irfan viewer, MS paint, powerpoint 2000 and excel 2000.
"copy" / paste fails on both in word 2000
"copy to clipboard" / paste works on gimp 2.2.9 in word 2000
no "copy to clipboard" option in gimp 2.3.5.

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