On Wednesday 30 November 2005 16:42, Warren Baird wrote:
> On 11/30/05, Axel Wernicke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > @Warren: the slowdown in the gui is probably caused by Apples X11.
> > That might be change in future with the hopefully upcoming native
> > gtk+ for OS X.
> It's not a GUI slowdown that I'm talking about --- it's ops like
> doing an unsharp mask..
> I did some comparisons a while back between linux on an athlon 1800+
> (1.5ghz), and macosx on an 800mhz g4, and for an 8 megapixel image,
> linux was
> taking 18s to do the unsharp mask, and the mac was taking 75s ---
> much slower than the relative clock speeds.  For comparison,
> Photoshop takes about 5s to do the unsharp mask on the mac.
> It does make it pretty painful to use.  I was actually contemplating
> buying photoshop - but I've been using the gimp for so long I don't
> want to switch
> I was going to fire up a profiler and see what's happening - but the
> last time I tried I couldn't get the gimp to compile through fink...
> I assume that the code isn't using X to do the actual bitmap
> manipulations, so I doubt the native gtk+ implemenation will help me
> here.   It'll still be nice though... :-)
> Warren

Ever thought about installing a native Linux install with your Mac?  I'm 
guessing you will see quite a difference running Gimp in Linux on that 
PPC!  There are several available now and SuSE has started it's new 10 
on PPC as well.  If you have the hard drive space, I think it would be 
worth your time.


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