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Ever thought about installing a native Linux install with your Mac?  I'm
guessing you will see quite a difference running Gimp in Linux on that
PPC!  There are several available now and SuSE has started it's new 10
on PPC as well.  If you have the hard drive space, I think it would be
worth your time.

Hmm...  out of curiousity - why do you think I'll see a big difference?   You think the perf problems I'm seeing are related to MacOSX, and not things that are poorly optimized for PPC?     I'd assumed it was that some of the tight loop math stuff was behaving better on x86 than on PPC.

I guess it would be an interesting experiment ---   Unfortunately I don't have much extra disk space on my ibook, so I'm not sure it's feasible...

Linux isn't a solution for my problem anyways - even if they had support for the airport extreme card, I'm not sure I'd want to switch --- I've gotten very fond of iPhoto...

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