On Thursday 29 December 2005 08:37 am, Tristan Miller wrote:
> Greetings.
> In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Sven Neumann wrote:
> >> (It was previously suggested to me that I copy the entire image
> >> and paste it as a new layer in the second image, and then copy
> >> between layers
> >> instead of between images.  However, this is undesirable due to
> >> the large
> >> size of images I'm working with.  It can take over a minute to
> >> copy the entire image into a new layer; I just want to be able
> >> to copy small areas of one image into another.)
> >
> > Are you using a clipboard daemon such as Klipper? It shouldn't
> > take that long to create a copy.
> No, I'm not using a clipboard daemon.  When you're working with
> huge images (24-bit 600 dpi A3 or A4 scans) and don't have the
> latest and greatest in hardware, then yes, it certainly can take a
> long time to create a copy. Keep in mind that the method proposed
> above more than triples the amount of memory used (100% to create
> the clipboard copy, plus 133% to create a new layer with alpha
> channel, plus who knows how much for the undo history).  On a
> system without much RAM this can cause a lot of swapping and
> possibly even thrashing.

I see you had not actually tried it. :-)
The GIMP can handle this quite efficiently. First, neither the GIMP 
nor any program I know actually make a memory copy of an object that 
was copied to the clipboard - the clipboard is just given a reference 
to the object.

And when pasting, as far as the tiles are not changed, the same data 
in memory is shared by both images. 

So, all you have to do is paste the new layer, close the original 
image, and then crop the pasted layer. The memory in use will not 
exceed the memory needed to keep both images open at the same time.

You can also work a python-fu /script-fu script to do a "paste 
located" stuff - the  way I can think of you will have toi manually 
type in the destination coordinates, but I think it will suit your 
needs for know.

Let me know if you'd need such a script, and tell me if you have 
gimp-python running - as I'd prefere doing it in Python than in 


> Regards,
> Tristan
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