On Sun, 8 Jan 2006, Julian Oliver wrote:
> excuse the triviality of the subject matter. it's been niggling so i bring it 
> up.
> i teach with the Gimp as part of broader university and masterclass 
> coursework 
> to design students. sometimes it features in FOSS game-development courses i 
> give, where i use it as a
> texture editor, among other things. as an offshoot of my work, i also do a 
> little advocacy - pushing
> for FOSS to take greater foothold in tertiary curriculums.
> recently, on demonstrating the Gimp-2.2.10 to faculty members, several
> commented on the new splash screen, suggesting that it was "really
> amateur", one saying "..but it looks awful".
> sadly, while i felt a few of the previous Splash's to be of a good standard, 
> i have to agree with these impressions for the most part, thinking that the 
> new splash does 
> misrepresent the capabilities of the Gimp (i'm sure i've seen that 'dial' in 
> the 
> background on a photo-cd at some point!).

Like T Model Ford afficionados, there are the splash lovers and haters

See http://www.gimp.org/about/splash/ for the history of splashes

The reason for that splash was given at the time of 2.2.10 announcement

If you don't like it, roll your own. Great to start your demo off with--

Here's the Gimp

What a yukkie splash

Lets change it

There, that looks better

Thank goodness for FOSS, we can make things to suit ourselves

Yep, I agree that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but we all do


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