On Tue, Jan 24, 2006 at 01:22:36PM -0600, Bell wrote:
I am straight up a novice, I don't like the fact that now that I have The Gimp installed, it took over any and all image folders, and will only open them in Gimp.

There is a feature in windows called file associations that allows users to select what programs will be used for various files, based on the file extensions. You can change those associations easily enough. The details vary with different version and I do not have ME installed here, but here is a link to a detailed article about modifying file associations in windows me:


Carol Spears wrote:
i am curious, during the instalation process, did you agree to have gimp
manage all of your images?  your problems are due to your initial
conversation with the installer i think and not with gimp itself.

Pretty sure that Carol is correct, I've never installed gimp on windows, but I would be very surprised if the windows installation changed the associations without asking.


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