Matthew Whitlock writes:
> Carol, I tried looking at indexing. Doesn't seem to effect it.
> Attached is a small image of a quickly drawn cirle that shows
> the facetting that I am experiencing.

It looks like your system isn't reading all the mouse positions,
only getting some of the mouse motion events.

There's a configuration option in the gimprc man page that might
be related:

| (perfect-mouse yes)
|        When enabled, the X server is queried for  the  mouse's  current
|        position  on each motion event, rather than relying on the posi-
|        tion hint.  This means painting with  large  brushes  should  be
|        more  accurate,  but  it  may  be slower.  Perversely, on some X
|        servers enabling this option results in faster painting.  Possi-
|        ble values are yes and no.

I don't remember whether you said what platform you were on, but
it might be worth adding a line to your gimprc (that's a text file
located in your GIMP profile directory -- just edit it when gimp is
not running, and add the line) and try both settings to see if one
of them makes it better.

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