> Am 11.02.2006 um 05:43 schrieb Scott:
>>> recently there was the same problem with mmx.  if you run ./configure
>>> --help it will tell you how to build without this sse stuff.
>>> these are
>>> some "optimizations" that were included by some guy from Sun and
>>> seem to
>>> be unmaintained lately.
>> I ran it with --disable-mmx, now ld does not support the -rpath
>> switch on
>> OS X. And there does not seem to be an option to disable it in the
>> configure, at least that I found .
> Thats the one I got on PPC since 2.3.6! Folks at IRC told me that
> this would be an issue outside of GIMP, so I gave up for a while :(

You are right.. I downloaded 2.3.5 and it compiles and installs just fine
using the --disable-mmx option. So there was a major change in 2.3.6 that
broke GIMP for OS X I guess..


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