On Wednesday 15 February 2006 12:11, Colin Brace wrote:
> In the process of learning Gimp (ongoing project), I've wondered about
> the absence of books dedicated to it, at least since 2001 or
> thereabouts. I am therefore intrigued to (finally) see a new title,
> now preannounced on Amazon.com:
> http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1590595874/104-2820490-0282337
> <Humorous aside> As a suggested purchase, Amazon pairs it with
> O'Reilly's Pocket Reference (2000), documenting Gimp 1.2 </>
> Yes, I realize the author actively participates in this ML.
> Though I realize there are many useful tutorials around, a
> well-written, well-edited manual and reference work will be very
> useful, and I look forward to seeing this work when it appears in
> April.
> --
>   Colin Brace
>   Amsterdam
Gimp is a moving target. An author of a 500 page book has to pick
a version or versions and write around those. On this list
many/most are not so much concerned with installation problems
but keeping up with the changes in the user interface and also
new features such as possible embryonic CMYK capabilities. So I
would be interested in a book built around some recent version,
if not 2.4 then at least 2.3xx. If someone comes up with a book
that is smaller, cheaper and more up to date I will buy it. 
John Culleton
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