Hi Doug,

I have been experimenting with TurboPrint and have not been very impressed 
with the results.  It is still better than the stock gimpprint, but my test 
image has a noticeable red-cast.  Can you give some more details on your 
results with TurboPrint?  

If it would give me Windows-quality prints, I would gladly pay them twice what 
they are asking, but so far it is really unusable for me :-(.  I don't see 
how they can expect decent color without having some kind of monitor profile 
in the loop...  

Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


On Monday 20 February 2006 7:38 am, Doug wrote:
> Hi,
> I've had much the same problem with Gimp 2.2.4 and the Epson Stylus
> Photo 2100 running under Linux Mandrake LE2005.
> However, while waiting for a proper colour management solution to arrive
> in gimp/gutenprint, in the interim I've been able to get a pretty good
> match between monitor and printer output  using  Turboprint
> (http://www.turboprint.de/english.html).
> The only thing is that it costs (30 euros, 39 dollars) for the full
> capabilities.
> Hope that may help.
> Doug
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