Hi Paul,

Sorry you're not having much joy so far.
I don't know that I can offer any specific advice - I do remember suffering a similar problem to yours at first which did get resolved, perhaps by following the instructions in the manual religiously, but now I don't recall how. I do find the printed colours I get are a close match to the monitor - as judged by eye - although I agree, that's only an interim solution till there's proper colour management in Gimp.

However, what I would recommend is submitting a bug report to


The people there are very prompt in replying and helpful - I found, for example, that I could not print on two of the better quality Epson papers with my Epson Stylus Photo 2100; and within a few days received a new PPD file that solved it.

Hope you have some success!


Paul Waldo wrote:

Hi Doug,

I have been experimenting with TurboPrint and have not been very impressed with the results. It is still better than the stock gimpprint, but my test image has a noticeable red-cast. Can you give some more details on your results with TurboPrint? If it would give me Windows-quality prints, I would gladly pay them twice what they are asking, but so far it is really unusable for me :-(. I don't see how they can expect decent color without having some kind of monitor profile in the loop...
Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


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