Olivier Ripoll <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Indeed. You are right. This is recent, isn't it?

No, this has been the case starting with the very first version of the
file chooser. And I keep pointing people to it over and over again.

> However, there is no visual hint that typing the filename will do
> something.

Sure, discoverability of this feature is somewhat poor. But most
GTK+ tree and list views allow to be navigated using typeahead.
The file-chooser behaves consistently.

> Sure. It would be welcome that the "select file type" and "browse
> for other folders" be opened by default. Or that they would remember
> they last state or that this option could be selected by the user.

When do you need to use "Select file type"? Perhaps we should just
remove it, but then there are some very rare cases where it is
needed. A solution would be to ask the user for the file-type in case
it cannot be determined automatically. That would effectively move the
file-type selection to an extra dialog that most users would never

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