Hi Haines,

Haines Brown wrote:
>>> Am I just being clumbsy, or is there a better approach?   
>> try using the levels tool.
> Thanks, Carol, I did as you suggested. It works, although the result
> was unsatisfactory because the original image distribution of greys
> was uneven, and so the result was spotty (gaps in lines, artifacts,
> etc.). I guess I try to draw a new image myself.

You could try playing with the middle (gamma) slider to get better
results, or use the curves tool rather than the levels tool - it gives
you a bit more control.

> Please excuse the appended question, but is there a way I could use
> the original as a kind of template to produce a hard line clean
> version in black? I could then blur it a bit for a nice result.

You could create a new layer on top of your original, and set the layer
mode in "overlay" - that way you will see your original drawing
underneath, which you can draw on afterwards.


David Neary

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