I'm feeling particularly useless today, I'm pretty much a total
beginner with GIMP, but I can't believe this is as hard as I seem to be
making it.

I want to draw a straight line. I'm using Gimp 2.2.4

I try the paintbrush, I have a color selected, and I can draw a
squiggly line. The help says that holding shift down will make all
these tools constrained to straight lines, but mine doensn't draw
anything. It looks like it's trying to do measuement or something.

I try the path tool (which I can't claim to understand) and then try to
"stroke" the path. I get polygons while I'm messing about, I can also
get curves, but I don't seem to be able to get an actual line that
stays on the page.

What I _want_ is a straight line, constrained to horizontal or
vertical, drawn with the caligraphic brush (so it has a chiselled end)
and using the "fade out" option, so it disappears smoothly over a

Anyone want to tell me what's so obvious that I've missed it?

Thanks in advance,

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