On Sat, Jun 24, 2006 at 01:13:56PM -0400, Joey Marshall wrote:
> >>
> >do not mention the acronym php.
> Is 'py' better? :)
> I use django and turbogears. They make web development a lot easier.
> I came from php about 7 or 8 months ago... never to return.
if py means python, it seems to be easier to get that installed on gimps 

> But PS isn't better than GIMP... that's the problem! lol
the people who disagree with you will go away though, if we write the
tutorials that way.

> >i am actually frightened to ask drc to do this since i kicked him in
> >Norway.
> >
> >any thoughts?
> not everyone uses the default gtk theme... I personally think it looks
> ugly (the one thing I don't like about gimp under KDE)
well, the web site is not going to be like kde vs gtk.

is it now?  i didn't mean to kick him.  i was making a joke actually.

the theme that is being used on all of the gimp web sites right now is
fine.  is it old though.  or is it?

at what point did we start to speak about the toolkit icons?


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