I have a little rectangle which I like to rotate / animate. The rotation should give a kind of 3D impression -> the backward going part is shrinking and the forward comming is growing relative to the middle axis which goes noth / south. I checked the GIMP help and asked google but I did not find a way to do this under linux with GIMP, just some expensive MS Windows solutions. Any hint how to do this are very wellcome. :-)

I hope this is not too bad expained, my English leaves room for improvement - which I am working on.

I see two ways to achieve your effect:

1- The perspective tool (in the toolbox):
see the manual here
You say you are not a native English speaker, and your name could sound German, so here is the same page in German:
As tutorial, maybe this link could be ok:

This choice would be good if:
        - you have a good 3D perception (you are an artist)
        - you do not want to produce an animation with many frames.

2- A better choice would be the "Map Object..." plugin, in Filter->Map
set the following settings (do not change the ones I do not mention):
check "show preview wireframe"
Option tab:
        Map to: plane
        check "transparent background"
Light tab:
        Lightsource type: no light
Orientation tab:
        use the "Rotation" Z: änd set it to the angle you want

You will have to create first many copies of the image you want to spin first, and then apply the effect with different angles to each one.
See the following tutorial for some similar effect:

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