Simon Roberts <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I'm trying to put a bunch of photographs together as a collage. As I do
> so, I want to be able to resize and reposition each one repeatedly
> until I'm happy with the overall layout. So far what I'm doing is
> pasting each image into a new layer, however, this isn't very
> satisfactory because the layers are all the full size of the image, so
> when I resize them, I can't really see what the effect will be on the
> image itself. Similarly, repositioning the layer is a rather hit and
> miss way of repositioning the image that it contains. 

In the Layer menu is an item "Autocrop Layer" (at least in The Gimp
2.2) that will resize the layer to the size of the pasted image.

On the other hand when I paste an image and then right click the
Floating Selection in the Layers dialog and click New Layer the new
layer has just the size of the pasted image.


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