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> Simon Roberts wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I'm trying to put a bunch of photographs together as a collage. As
> I do
> > so, I want to be able to resize and reposition each one repeatedly
> > until I'm happy with the overall layout. So far what I'm doing is
> > pasting each image into a new layer, however, this isn't very
> > satisfactory because the layers are all the full size of the image,
> so
> > when I resize them, I can't really see what the effect will be on
> the
> > image itself. Similarly, repositioning the layer is a rather hit
> and
> > miss way of repositioning the image that it contains. 
> >
> > What should I be doing?
> >
> > TIA
> > Simon
> Image>Canvas size
> Make it the size you like (or can).
> Do not be afraid to make it bigger - you'll have more freedom to move
> pics. After you're satisfied with the result Image>Fit canvas to
> layers.

Thanks for this, but I fear I wasn't clear (or maybe I'm just
misunderstanding your reply). My canvas is big enough to allow me to
move the layers around (it's 20x30 inches @300 dpi, something of a
memory hog :)

The problem is that when I move or resize the individual layers that
contain the individual images, I don't get a realistic preview of where
the image will be because the image is only a small fraction of the
layer size. 

If I knew how to paste an image into a new layer, and have that layer
become the size of the pasted image, that would be a help, but I'm
wondering if I'm just plain approaching this all wrong.

How should I use GIMP so that each image I paste in can be manipulated
independently (resized, repositioned)--as if each were a separate
"object" rather than being pixels in the same pool?

Thanks again,

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