On Sunday 20 August 2006 03:57 pm, Jean-Christophe Roux wrote:
> Chris,
> Yes that solves my problem of adjusting the opacity; but what if I
> want to play with the offset or the repeat? To repeat the same
> drag, I must jolt down somewhere the starting point and the blend
> parameters otherwise I don't really have a chance to redo the exact
> same thing. Maybe add to the Blend dialog, the possibility to enter
> the values for the start point and the blend, which could be saved
> in Save Options, and with a button to automatically draw the
> gradiant without using the mouse. Maybe there is currently a better
> way of doing that. JCR

you can always fire up a script-fu console, and call the 
gradient-related entries in the procedure database by hand. That wya, 
you can re-issue a previously typed line and change jsut the values 
you want.

The help on the pdb functions can be found on Xtns->PDB browser, and 
the Script-fu console under Xtns->Scrip-fu-> console

> Chris Mohler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: On 8/20/06, Jean-Christophe 
Roux  wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I have used the blend tool to fill a layer with a gradient
> > background. Nice. Now I'd like to change the opacity, do I really
> > have to redraw the gradient from scratch? I cannot find a way to
> > select the layer, adjust the gradient opacity and see the result.
> > I must be missing something basic with Gimp! Thanks
> > JCR
> What about using the master opacity slider in the 'Layers' dialog?
> Chris
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