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> I have the writer's permission to forward this info:

Nice. Who's the writer?

> One other note of caution about Gimp: I would not try to install it if 
> you're running Win XP.  The online info indicates that it will run on 
> Win XP, but it also may screw up other programs.  I downloaded it and 
> then discovered that you had to install the GTK+ Runtime Environment.  
> Did that, tried it and, after quickly determining that it was an awkward 
> program and not one that I would choose to use for anything, discovered 
> that GTK had messed up other programs.  Took me a couple of hours to get 
> everything back to normal (had to manually find the bits and pieces of 
> GTK and reinstall a couple of other programs).
> Maybe it works OK with Linux, for which it was designed, but I would not 
> recommend installing it on Win XP.

GTK+ is only a bunch of files that go to a directory which you could
or could not include in your PATH. AFAIK it doesn't do a shit to
system registry. So I bet that it's not true that GTK+ screw anything.

Gimp and other GTK+ apps (Gaim, Gajim, etc.) run nicely enough on

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