Hi, Darren.

2. There is a edit path points tool, select it, then click successive points to achieve the degree of arc you want (can be any complex curve actually).

Playing around with it to get it aligned to the oval selection that I desire will be a total pain, not to mention an imperfect alignment. I will give it a try, though.

3. Select your text once again using the text tool and click "text to path" button.
4. Create a new layer.
5. Hide your original text layer. Open the paths dialog and ensure the path you just
created is selected.
6. Select->Selection from Path

Good up until here.

7. Fill the selection on the new layer with desired color.
8. Deselect the path so its no longer visible.

Not quite sure what you mean here. Instead, I:
        a. clicked on the text layer
        b. opened the text tool dialog
        c. clicked "Text along Path"

It gave me the text along a curve, but alignment to the original image's oval going to be nasty business.

Thanks for the tips, though. If anyone has any other ideas that avoid manually attempting to align paths against a backdrop, I'm all ears (er, eyes).

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