On Tue, 2006-09-19 at 18:30 -0700, Dave Jarvis wrote:
> Hi, Darren.
> > 2. There is a edit path points tool, select it, then click successive 
> > points to achieve the degree of arc you want (can be any complex curve 
> > actually).
> Playing around with it to get it aligned to the oval selection that I 
> desire will be a total pain, not to mention an imperfect alignment. I 
> will give it a try, though.
I was able to do what you're asking quite easily, I just clicked
path points along the edge of my oval. If I misplaced a point slightly,
I moved it to be precisely on the curve tangent. I used zoom 400x. 

> > 3. Select your text once again using the text tool and click "text to 
> > path" button.
> > 4. Create a new layer.
> > 5. Hide your original text layer. Open the paths dialog and ensure the 
> > path you just
> > created is selected.
> > 6. Select->Selection from Path
> Good up until here.
> > 7. Fill the selection on the new layer with desired color.
> > 8. Deselect the path so its no longer visible.
> Not quite sure what you mean here. Instead, I:
>       a. clicked on the text layer
>       b. opened the text tool dialog
>       c. clicked "Text along Path"
Yeah, but what gimp does is not actually place text on the path/curve,
instead it creates a selection of the text image that you then have to
fill with paint. It's a bit unintuitive at first and I had trouble until
I found someone elses steps to get it right.

> It gave me the text along a curve, but alignment to the original image's 
> oval going to be nasty business.
Like I said, if you place the path points yourself, say 5 or 6 of them
is all that's needed, its not really that hard, but might take a couple
of attempts. At least this is about the only way in gimp 2.3 that I know
of. Good luck!

> Thanks for the tips, though. If anyone has any other ideas that avoid 
> manually attempting to align paths against a backdrop, I'm all ears (er, 
> eyes).
> Thanks!
> Dave

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