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Hi Daniel,

Adjustment layers do sound like a great idea but they're not a part of
the GIMP. I found a script-fu plugin that does something similar, but is
limited because it only allows the user to apply specific functions:

I find that copying the current layer to a new one and practising on
that, or using a large undo buffer helps a lot. There's also the
"anti-erase" function of the Erase tool that looks like it restores part
of the layer below the one you're working on.

Current GIMP does not have adjustment layers, but some things can be
simulated by clever use of layer modes. The anti-erase functionality
brings back previously erased content on the current layer.

When it comes to development towards supporting such capabilities
there are plans for such functionality and experiments with
technologies that might lead to it are in progress[1].

/Øyvind K.

1: http://pippin.gimp.org/gegl/gallery/

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