> You mean ? :"Gimp went into feature freeze in October 1997. This meant that no
> new features would be added to the Gimp core libraries and program."
> cf : http://k12linux.mesd.k12.or.us/docs/gimp/en/ch01s03.html

You misunderstood the term "feature freeze". That was is mentioned in
the history is the feature freeze *for the version 1.0*. When this
version has been released, the feature freeze has been lifted, until we
at some point introduced another feature freeze, to get ready for
Version 1.2. We are currently in a kind-of-feature-freeze for Version
2.4, which basically means that we will refrain from adding new features
to the current development code and focus on stabilizing the existing
(new) features. When Version 2.4 has been released we'll lift the
feature freeze again and incorporate a lot of new and exciting stuff
into the GIMPs code base. But it will take some time until this new
stuff gets released as part of a stable release, especially since there
are not many people actively developing on the gimp.

So, help is appreciated.  :)

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