Monday 09 October 2006 05:05, [EMAIL PROTECTED] rašė:
> I have a simple animation I want to do for a website which involves fading
> a photo  gradually (I assume by increasing opacity of a layer or decreasing
> opacity of layer containing photo) and replacing it with text (by
> increasing opacity of layer containing text?) And then this text will be a
> link to a web page. I have no idea how to do this. I am a total amateur
> looking to learn this slick little trick.I am new to Gimp but learning. Can
> you help me please? Andrea

Generally it is not a good idea to convert photo to gif format as it has many 
limitations. But in this case you have to save in this format as it is 
default format for animations on web. 
What is the size of photo (in pixels and in kilobytes (kb))? To accomplish 
your task we'll be using multiple layers and size in kb of final work will be 
much bigger. Hence the question: will it be on internet or only in LAN?
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