Curtis Vaughan <cavaughan <at>> writes:

Here's an update to my problem.
In the first place, forget about the color issue.

I created a second account on my computer 
and logged into that account and
installed under that account. 
First I made sure, however, that English
was the primary language and USA was for 
localization. Everything was working fine.

So I went back to my account. English is the 
primary language, followed by Russian and 
French. However, Russia was for localization. 
So, I changed it to USA. Then I tried Gimp. 
Same font problem.
So then I started removing various 
configuration files.
For example, I removed ~/.gimp-2.2/. 
I removed ~/Library/Application Support/Gimp/. 
I copied over the ~/.gimp-2.2 directory from the 
user I created. Etc. 
Each time I would retry installing and launching 
Gimp, but everytime the same problem.

Anybody have any idea what needs to be done to 
get Gimp to show up with Latin fonts?

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