I was noticing problems with color on my system. I also noticed that although I
had 2.2.x installed the current version was 2.2.11. Unfortunately, I didn't pay
attention to whether I was upgrading or not. Maybe they were the same.

Anyhow, I installed 2.2.11 and now the problem is that instead of any fonts
appearing (anywhere in Gimp), all I have are like dominoes. So where it should
say "File" in the mail window, I see something like 4 dominoes in a row. The
languages on my system are English, Russian and French (in that order). However,
the region is set a Russia. I think it's the Russian that's messing it up, but
am not certain. 

I'd really appreciate any help.

BTW, I am talking about Gimp.app and not Gimp through Fink.

Curtis Vaughan

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