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On Wednesday 01 November 2006 3:28 am, Tanveer Singh wrote:

> I use GIMP for image manipulation.


> 2. Bulk watermarking, resizing

This is easier with ImageMagick
I do something similar with that package myself.

I once wanted to do some bulk image-resizing and tried to work out how to do this with GIMP, however I didn't quite find out how I would have to do that...

I ended up looking at ImageMagick and PIL (Python Imaging Library) and came to the conclusion that a custom script in Python best fit my needs; while mass-resizing images I didn't want to change the original aspect-ratio of each image so I needed to find out the original image-size and do some math before actually resizing the image and couldn't work out how to do easily that with the command-line tools provided with ImageMagick (also couldn't find up-to-date windows-installable Python bindings for ImageMagick).

I did lose EXIF-information in the process, but I decided that I could live with that loss. (ImageMagick would have kept that EXIF information for me though).



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